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A Part of Our History                                                

During the early 1960s, local plumbing contractors experienced difficulties working out differences during contract negotiations with Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 350. Several employers approached AGC about representing management in their collective bargaining agreement with Local 350.

AGC began assisting with the negotiations and represented management on Health & Welfare, Vacation and Apprenticeship Funds. This word was formalized in 1966 with the formation of the Nevada Association of Mechanical Contractors. Leo Bergin of McDonald Carano was retained as the association’s legal counsel. 

AGC staff has continued to serve as trustees on the UA 350 Health Trust, Vacation Trust and Annuity Trust Funds for nearly 40 years along with NAM employer’s signatory the Local 350.Trustees on these funds have included representatives of RHP Mechanical, Gardner Mechanical and McClenahan Plumbing.

During the early 1980s, local Sheet Metal employers experienced similar problems with managing the affairs of the local Sheet Metal contract, which was negotiated by a chartered chapter of the National Sheet Metal Contractors Association (SMACNA). The AGC made a similar arrangement to handle the affairs of SMACNA through NAM.

NAM’s political contributions to the AGC PAC and has support of AGC efforts raise money for industry campaigns including ACE Charter High School and efforts to oppose Question 3, the Margins Tax Initiative on the November 2014 ballot are significant.

While the two groups comprising NAM are relatively small, their contributions to AGC are significant. Both groups contribute to the AGC budget, rent space in the AGC Building and made very significant contributions to the construction of the AGC Building. The Training rooms in the AGC Building were named the NAM Training Center to acknowledge those contributions.

The support of NAM has been a critical element in the accomplishments of AGC in Nevada.


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