Our History

The Nevada Chapter's Contractors Auxiliary has been garnering statewide attention since its formation in 1997. Norman Dianda, chairman of the Nevada Chapter's Emergency Services Committee said Nevada public safety officials are looking to implement similar programs throughout the state. Carson City has contacted AGC about expanding the Washoe County program to the state capitol.

"One of the most rewarding things I've been involved in at the AGC has been the Contractors Auxiliary," Dianda said. "This is an outstanding example of how a public-private partnership can work and it is important for the future of the state as no one is better equipped to respond to major emergencies than the state's contractors."

As an example of the value and dedication . . . Five members firms of the Nevada Chapter AGC were called upon to provide equipment and expertise to fight the 5,000-acre "Reservoir" fire north of Reno and the 6,500-acre Red Rock fire also north of Reno.

Within a two-week period, W.E.S. Construction, Q & D Construction, Granite Construction, Peavine Construction, Byars Construction Company and Harker & Harker, Inc. were called to the Hungry Valley Indian Reservation and to Red Rock/Antelope Valley to support fire crews. The bulldozers cut fire lines that protected nearby homes and helped contain the blaze.

These AGC members are part of the Contractors Auxiliary formed as a partnership between the Washoe County Sheriff's Office and the Nevada Chapter AGC to provide vital services and equipment during the time of emergency, such as floods, earthquakes, fires, mud slides and other natural disasters. The Auxiliary formalizes the arrangement between Nevada Chapter AGC and Washoe County Sheriff's Office providing training and ongoing communication and coordination. The Auxiliary also empowers contractors to operate under the authority of the Sheriff when activated. Membership in the Auxiliary includes AGC firms and other Northern Nevada contractors.

Over the years, the Auxiliary has grown from 60 members to more than 150 and gained the Nevada Chapter AGC national recognition when it was awarded National AGC's "Best Partnering Program" and "Best Community Service Project." These national awards were presented to the Nevada Chapter AGC at the National AGC Convention in March of 1998 in New Orleans.

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