AGC Committees:

AGC/NDOT (People interested in public highway transportation issues at the state level.)

The AGC/NDOT Committee meets with NDOT to discuss highway-related matters.  Meets quarterly. (Lunch)


AGC/RTC (People interested in public transportation issues on a regional level.)

The AGC/RTC meets with representatives of Regional Transportation Commission to review matters affecting RTC street and highway projects.  Meets quarterly. (Breakfast)


Community Outreach (People interested in increasing AGC’s profile in the community & volunteering at events.)

The Community Outreach Committee increases AGC profile and improves the construction industry image.  The committee takes on one community project each year to benefit our community. Organizes the AGC PAC Golf, AGC events, etc. Volunteers will meet as needed for individual projects and events. (Lunch)


Construction Leadership Council (CLC) (People interested in professionally developing and cultivating relationships within the industry.)

The purpose of the CLC is to allow participants to network, develop leadership skills, serve their community, and exchange ideas about the industry and challenges they face as mid-career professionals. Meets monthly.


Contractor Relations (People interested in cultivating strong relationships between general contractors, subcontractors, construction suppliers and professionals.) The Contractor Relations Committee promotes cooperation and harmony among members of the construction team. Recognizes ethical business practices through peer recognition programs. Meets 4-6 times annually.


Education (People interested in determining the continuing education courses AGC will offer. Also individuals interested in working with the local school district to spread the word on careers in construction.)

The AGC Education Committee promotes a positive image of the construction industry in K-16 classrooms by creating, sponsoring, and supporting quality educational programs.  Works with Washoe County School District, ACE Charter High School, and the University of Nevada. Meets 8-10 times.


Emergency Services (People interested in emergency response and promoting relationships with local agencies such as the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office.)

Emergency Services Committee develops emergency response programs for natural disaster, coordinates Contractor’s Auxiliary with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department and other emergency responders.  Meets quarterly or as needed.


Governmental Affairs (People interested in federal, state and local government issues.)

The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for AGC’s legislative efforts. They monitor federal, state and local government, and Recruit members for local citizen and planning committees. This committee will also assign additional task groups as needed.  Meets monthly and weekly during the legislative session. (February – June on odd numbered years)


Labor Policy (People interested in collective bargaining and collective bargaining contract administration.)

The Labor Policy Committee negotiates and ratifies labor agreements for all signatory crafts and establishes overall management labor policy for signatory crafts. Meets 1-3 times annually.


Public Works & Utilities (People interested in public works issues at the state and local level.)

The Public Works & Utilities Committee works with local municipal agencies and utilities assuring owners receive best value for public agency construction budget.  They work specifically to resolve issues that affect public works in local government.  It involves joint meetings with local public works officials. Meets quarterly.


Safety (People interested in safety related issues.)

The Safety Committee monitors safety related issues and provides safety training programs and safety materials. Meets every other month. (7:00 a.m.)




If you would like to sign up for an AGC Committee, please contact Ashley at the AGC office at (775)329-6116 or

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