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    Core Issues

    Highway Infrastructure Funding

    • The State Highway Fund was established in 1957 as a method for paying for the construction and maintenance of the state highway system. 
    • The source of revenue for the State Highway Fund is tax on gasoline and diesel. 17.3 cents for every gallon gasoline and 26.4 cents for every gallon of diesel purchased in Nevada is deposited into the State Highway Fund. 
    • These amounts have not been increased since 1992 and the revenue generated is not sufficient to meet current needs. Without additional revenue, highway construction and maintenance will continue to be delayed and end up more down the road.

    AGC Message:

    • Increase funding for the State Highway Fund.
    • Increase the gas tax. The gas tax is one of the most fair, efficient and cost effective methods of funding necessary transportation investments.
    • Explore and adopt a Vehicle Miles Traveled collection model. Surrounding states are experimenting with VMT models, which charge highway users by the miles they travel rather than fuel consumed.


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