Welcome to the Contractor's Auxiliary

For the past five years, the 170 AGC members that compose the Contractors Auxiliary have responded to fires, explosions and power outages. AGC is able to contribute heavy equipment, light equipment, traffic control resources, emergency fuel, and a labor pool of skilled equipment operators and workers. This group is on-call 24-hours a day to provide vital services and equipment during the time of emergency, such as floods, earthquakes, mud slides, and other natural disasters.

In 2001 AGC of America President Bob Desjardins and 2001 National Sheriffs Association Vice President Ted Sexton visited Reno to determine how to launch similar programs in chapters across the county. 

The Contractors Auxiliary has garnered the Nevada Chapter AGC national recognition with the National AGC's "Best Partnering Program" and "Best Community Service Project" awards. Locally, the Contractors Auxiliary has won awards including, a Silver Spike from the Sierra Nevada Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America for "Ongoing Program" and a Truckee Meadows Tomorrow Silver Star Award for "Public Safety."


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